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Imagine your own branded payment card & mobile wallet minus the huge investment & compliance worry.

At Bayo, we make it happen.

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We Are Bayo

Bayo Pay (M) Sdn Bhd is a homegrown financial technology company regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia under the Payment System Act 2003 and a licensed entity by Mastercard as an issuer of Mastercard payment card in Malaysia.

We employ the best-in-class technologies in payment system ensuring unparalleled user experience.

A Multi-Brand Payment Platform That Works Behind

The Scene

Bayo offers a platform-based Payment System-as a-Service to our clients via white-labelling our technology and payment system rails needed to offer various financial and non-financial products.

With our proprietary modular platform design, we are capable of providing turnkey payment solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements. We possess a complete building blocks in running a payment system company making it possible for our clients to run their own programs in no time.

Use Cases For Payment

System-As-A-Service Platform

The obvious key advantages in using a platform-based payment solutions have to be the relative lower cost and speed to market.

Forward-looking and customer centric organisations would benefit from our solutions.








Funding Platform

Running your own branded payment solutions would add an additional revenue stream whilst improving customer experience to your

brand. Building a trusting, long-lasting relationship with your customers is essential in creating strong brand loyalty.

We’ve Got Your Back

Meaning, we’ve got it covered using our back-end platform system. From technology solutions to compliance requirement, we bring the expertise and know-how in bringing your program to life. What normally takes years to implement will only require months to go to market.

Utilising our powerful RESTful API integration is swift and seamless. Our Bayo Core Integration Gateway (BCIG) enables our clients to connect to our platform with minimal complication and our team of experts will be at hand to assist you every step of the way.

Co-branding Mastercard

Prepaid Card

Private Label

Mobile E-Wallet

Rewards & Loyalty

Virtual card

Build Your Own

Payment Instrument

Building your own payment program from the ground-up can never be easier. Just choose what you want and we take it from there.

You can choose the type of payment card you want depending on your program requirement. You have the option to use your own card design or we can help you to design one. Also, it can be either virtual only, physical card or both. It is that flexible. Our solutions cover both proprietary close-loop card programme and open-loop card scheme utilising Mastercard payment network.

Through our partnership with Mastercard, we are positioned to offer the convenience of worldwide acceptance and security protection to our co-branded cardholders. Cash withdrawal can be made at any ATM machines in Malaysia and abroad that accepts Mastercard.

Pair this with your very own mobile wallet app to allow your customers to benefit from the convenience of mobile payment.

Your own logo and corporate identity will enhance your branding and strengthens customer loyalty.

Mobile Wallet Features:

  • Online On-Boarding Via E-KYC
  • Simple UI With Superior UX
  • Pay Via QR Code, Online And In-App
  • Fund Reload And Transfer
  • Bill Payment & Telco Top-Up
  • Check Balances/Transaction History
  • Card Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Remittance
  • Marketplace
  • Budgeting & Analysis

Your Money Is Safe

  • All funds under trust with Bayo is kept at Maybank, a regulated financial institution under Bank Negara Malaysia
  • We provide in-app notification for any purchases or withdrawals so that you are always informed on any movement in your account. You can temporary block your card using our mobile wallet without having to call us to do it for you
  • Stringent fraud monitoring to protect your cash against unauthorised transaction
  • Online transaction history that gives you full control on your spending habits
  • Customer support with a real person attending to your calls, but if you prefer a chat message or email, we do have options on how you can reach us

Why Us

Running a payment system company is quite complicated. Dealing with system development, infrastructure setup, system integration, licensing application, regulatory compliance and operational matters can be quite overwhelming. Not to mention the investment requirement which can run up to tens of millions of ringgit.

Now with Bayo we make it possible for aspiring fintech companies and corporate clients to offer their own proprietary payment programmes without the hassle and huge investment cost.

Fast Development


Mastercard Issuer

Safe & Secure

Latest Technology


Affordable &

Flexible Payment

Licensed e-money


Experienced Team

UI/UX Centric


Interested To Offer

Your Own Payment Instrument?

Albeit a daunting task to start a project, we are ready to assist you in launching a successful payment system programme. We stick to our time-tested methodology in managing project roll-out. Our Project Delivery Team will undertake a comprehensive scoping exercise to understand your requirement before executing the actual work.

Once the build is completed, our system engineers will undertake a rigorous testing to ensure that our new build for your programme meets our quality and security standards.

We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss over coffee or tea. Just fill up the form and we will be in touch.


Bayo is a local financial technology company made up of talented and hard-working individuals who share a common believe.

At the core of our brand lies its people of different background and experience.

We celebrate challenges are known to push the envelope to disrupt ‘business as usual’. Only then we can achieve exceptional results and be

proud of our solutions that carry our brand. We are what we build and take pride in what is built.

If you are interested to explore a career with us, feel free to drop us an email at